Take a Dip With Your Shadow Kids

3 Yens Way, Nissequogue, NY 11780

Summer’s a great time to take a dip in the pool with your shadow kids…

3 Yens Way, Nissequogue, NY 11780

…or do… whatever it is those old guys on the right are doing.

3 Yens Way, Nissequogue, NY 11780

I’ve always wanted a SimHouse of my very own.

Only one problem. If you and your shadow kids want the to buy house they’re supposedly going to build on this land…

3 Yens Way, Nissequogue, NY 11780

…you’re going to have to evict the horse that lives there now.

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2 Comments on "Take a Dip With Your Shadow Kids"

  1. Beach-front with access rights, potentially very nice house, Long Island, includes a spot at the marina (maybe?). That would be worth the nearly $7M. You could turn your kids into shadow kids for that kind of a sell-out.

  2. For that much money you’d think the developer would have used more sophisticated rendering software or maybe even >Gasp!< an actual artistically capable human. For my money (of which there is much less than is sufficient to purchase this property), this presentation is the 2D equivalent of Legos(TM). Not much inspiration to open one's pocketbook. But the beach pic at the end is nice. I'd swim at that beach in a heartbeat.


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