Maybe you need glasses.

899 NW Elford Dr., Seattle, WA 98177

The reader who spotted this listing summarized the photos well:

Very blurry with a side of extra glare.

899 NW Elford Dr., Seattle, WA 98177

Rather than telling me anything about the home, the only thing conveyed by these photos is that the listing agent should never be allowed to use a camera.

899 NW Elford Dr., Seattle, WA 98177

Flipping through these pictures I find myself instinctively rubbing my eyes, as if to remove the gunk that’s blurring my vision.

899 NW Elford Dr., Seattle, WA 98177

Price tag: $682,900. Presumed commission to be earned on the sale of this home by the listing agent that posted these photos: $20,487

Found by: spamme_001

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7 Comments on "Maybe you need glasses."

  1. Gorgeous home. Stupendous views. Idiotic photos.

  2. It also looks like it’s been empty for a couple of years. Prime property, I’m sure, but if the photos show anything is that it needs some trim on the both the outside and the inside.

  3. Emerald63 | July 17, 2013 at 6:29 PM |

    Man, an actual real-life, authentic mid-century modern house. Cool. But I do have questions… Given Seattle’s climate, is it ever a good idea to have a flat roof when you can avoid it? Also, what’s with the battleship gray interior paint? Isn’t there enough of that color in the Seattle sky? Why are there weird sections in the hardwood floor in Pic 12? This is in the heart of lumber country and they couldn’t get a hold of full length boards? What’s with the white edging at the bottom of the walls in Pics 10 and 11, both seen here? That’s not purposeful trim (I hope), but what the heck is it? Besides messy looking, that is.

    Questions aside, even though this place needs some work, the view – that *wonderful* view! – makes it worth the effort if one has the money and time to spare. An odd factoid… glancing at the fireplace at the left of Pic 6 left me thinking for a moment that I’d just seen an open tape deck… a really *big* open tape deck, but a tape deck just the same. Strange fittings in there…

  4. Seattle + flat roof = leaking + sadness.
    The house isn’t bad. The listing agent should be kicked in the arse until they a) have their eyes checked and/or b) get a real camera and not a 90’s cellphone camera.

  5. I’ll be darned – that “fireplace” does look exactly like a giant, empty tape deck… which sorta explains all the blurs and glares and color degradation. It’s not the photos that are distorted, it’s the house.

    The read/write heads on those old Holoreality units were notorious for fouling, and the drive mechanism wasn’t much, either. Unit starts to jam, eejits play around with it, tape stretches, tape breaks, eejits splice it with cellophane tape…

    It’s a great location; well worth an upgrade. :D

  6. I was actually looking at places in my area for a friend when I tripped over this one and submitted it. It’s not a bad place, but a bit over his budget.

  7. @anodean: LMBO, Anodean!! Too funny!


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