When Antlers Attack

19414 Mynster Springs Rd., Council Bluffs, IA 51503

That… is a lot of antlers.

19414 Mynster Springs Rd., Council Bluffs, IA 51503

And one more on the table behind the sofa, just for good measure.

Nothing else really all that kooky about this place, other than the fact that it’s a $4 million listing in an Iowa suburb of Omaha, Nebraska…

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  1. Nice place. At least there aren’t dozens of antler-less heads hanging on the walls. My first thought when seeing a shed antler on the ground isn’t to think, “Now that would be nice to decorate the house with.” It’s also not my first thought seeing this house. I’ve seen worse though.

    What I wonder about is the water pressure necessary to keep that array of shower heads from being more than a leaky wall. What kind of pump and what kind of piping do you need to support that kind of hardware? Maybe it’s plumbed directly into a fire hydrant? I would be afraid of turning it on and being plastered against the other side of the shower unable to reach the shower controls.

  2. @Frodo: My first shed-antler thought would be, “Gee, that would make a nice knife handle.”

    Thanks for the clearly defined mental image of a potential shower fiasco – LOL! Wouldn’t a lot of the problems you envision be fixed if all those shower heads were on the ceiling? Gravity is our friend! (Well, some of the time…)

  3. “That… is a lot of antlers.” …S’kay, goes with the lotta wood and lotta brick. Seriously, how much of the price tag is for all those bricks? The driveway is about 1200′ long, plus the courtyard, terraces, and interior brick. And the entire pond is ringed with brick! Yowza. A costly choice, but at least more appealing than the concrete desert of a garage.

    I don’t personally care for that much wood or brick, I’m more into accents (Pic 15), but this result is quite nice for what it is. I also don’t care for the Omaha airport being a mile away or the sand-dredging operation a mere 500′ to the northeast, though I suppose the valley setting creates a sense of privacy, right along with the looong driveway. Thankfully, the 100 Acre Wooded Lot did not yield up the head of Winnie-the-Pooh to hang above the antler collection. That woulda been a total non-starter.

    Two good bits, one disappointing, one just strange: Gorgeous leaded French doors (Pic 13) and an awesome patio (Pics 19 & 20), but a shame the unique circular structure is just a breakfast room. It’s more interesting on the outside, but that could change. As for strange, anyone know what’s going on in Pic 17? Is that a dishwasher on the near end of the wood built-ins, on the carpeted floor just beyond the bed? With no fridge, sink, or stove? The whole melange looks more like a desk… but with multiple large openings? For what? Color me confused.

  4. Iowa suburb of Omaha? There are 60,000 folks in Council Bluffs giving you the stink-eye right now, Marty E.

  5. As for Pic 17 — I’m guessing that the metal thing is a filing cabinet or maybe even a safe? As for the large openings — above, space for bulletin boards & artwork. Below, leg openings on either side of where you’d have the computer (in the corner, note keyboard tray).


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