There was a sale on teal paint, okay?

495 Private Road 4011, Decatur, TX 76234

Obviously the owners of this home really like teal.

495 Private Road 4011, Decatur, TX 76234

Well, whoever lives in this room does, anyway.

The rest of the home is… interesting, if not quite as uni-color.

495 Private Road 4011, Decatur, TX 76234

BELIEVE in the Texas Longhorn!

Found by: Christin C.

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4 Comments on "There was a sale on teal paint, okay?"

  1. “Gamble” barn? The barn is probably nicer than the house, so I’d go with calling it a “gamble” too at $445,000. That place needs more renovation and landscaping than the asking price is worth. It looks terrible for only being 18 years old.

  2. Well, somebody came into some fabulously nice stuff… and painted it teal (and yellow and French blue…) starting with their own bedroom and working outward until something stopped them. What? I’ll guess that the rest of the family ushered them off to more supervised living arrangements…

  3. It’s going to take a lot of paint to cover those walls

  4. A perfect marriage between “eccentric” and “WTH were they thinking?” If they were shooting for whimsical, they missed with a clunk and a thud.

    There’s something really off here, and I don’t mean the chartreuse kitchen and living room. Not just the decor, but the forms and layouts are strange and none of it looks like it was built in 1996. Well, not by a professional. All of it screams “ad hoc.”

    If that’s your sort of thing, I suppose this is loads of fun. Personally, I find it jarring. Perhaps a total color scheme change might help. Perhaps not. Whatever. I’m just glad it’s not my job.


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