Now I’m Coming to Gobble You Up!

0 Gardiner Beach Rd., Sequim, WA 98382

The troll’s bridge was foreclosed, and now he lives under the porch, apparently.

0 Gardiner Beach Rd., Sequim, WA 98382

Mixed messages. Dragons = GO AWAY. “For Rent” = Come live here!

0 Gardiner Beach Rd., Sequim, WA 98382

That is one ugly goat.

0 Gardiner Beach Rd., Sequim, WA 98382

The house itself is pretty cool, though.

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3 Comments on "Now I’m Coming to Gobble You Up!"

  1. Only a moment this evening, but more later. For now, I think this is a double first – first time the street address has been “0” and the first time we’ve hit a $20M price tag. Both items are WTF inducing for me.

  2. I’ve had more time to peruse this listing. What a stunning piece of land! Gorgeous views! From the first few photos I could’ve sworn it was Maine, what with the red foliage and barns. Then I got to the Vikings and figured, no, it’s gotta be Minnesota. After looking through the enlarged photo gallery, I clicked back and saw the description that says this is in Washington. OK. Whatever… still gorgeous setting.

    Some of the multiple dwellings in this “resort” are nice looking. I’ll respectfully disagree with you, Marty, on the one shown here. IMO it’s cool in the sense a playhouse or stage set could be cool, but it’s too much a hodgepodge of cartoonish elements as a real house for me.

    The one totally wasted opportunity I saw was in Pic 16. Enormous window walls that overlook… a bunch of concrete. D’OH! However, the standing stone circle in Pic 5 pretty much makes up for it. I’d never thought of combining Kokopelli with Stone Henge, but now that I’ve seen it I have to say it works, both visually and mythologically. Fun times in the Evergreen State.

  3. Yes, definitely a compound, with all the touches of the builder having meant it to be some sort of tourist attraction. Inside of one of the structures definitely looked like a gift shop, other barn(s) likely meant for horsie rides and/or petting zoo type attractions, etc.

    Sequim and this little bay are on the coast of Juan de Fuca straight, north of Seattle, which would likely explain why there was enough loose money sloshing around the place to try something like this as a get-away/resort. :D


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