Bedroom Motivational Material

201 Galer St #215, Seattle, WA 98109

Oooo-kay then. Not exactly how I would decorate my bedroom, but to each his or her own, I suppose.

201 Galer St #215, Seattle, WA 98109

Perhaps the home is actually occupied by a robot. That would explain the metal fruit on the dining table. And maybe the giant workout model things are some sort of study material meant to inspire the robot to improve its similarity to the humans before it launches the final assault to overthrow humanity and enslave us all.

Found by: KDM

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  1. I can see why you picked up on possible robot socialization here, Marty… starting with why the owner wanted into this place at all.

    Pic#3 is possibly the nastiest looking “industrial style” renovation I have ever seen, giving new meaning to the phrase “hideously expensive.” That is not what I call celebrating machine chic – that’s just a marble floor through a bunch of nasty. Clean it up, polish the brass/copper, paint it, light it… but, no. They apparently didn’t see any reason to.

    And then there is the living space. Tinfoil covered fruit aside (reflective, so they can practice fine motor control), check out the apparent radar dish on the upholstered chair in Pic#4, and the looming reflection in the bathroom mirror of an additional motion sensor/control unit in Pic#8. This is indeed a training ground for something that needs to bounce a signal.

    Most disturbing is the reflective metal dish left on the bed, semi-cunningly camouflaged with flowers and two mugs. While the likelihood of two people being in that bedroom may seem slight, the indication that at least one of them would require good signal reception to function (and life-sized reference pictures) does not invite confidence.

    It is easy to dismiss the obligatory realtor’s attempt to pass off one corner of the common patio (Pic#10) as a private nook with views of the space needle in Pic#9, but it does drive home the fact that all the features seemingly unique to the offered unit may actually be standard in the building: quarters for a whole troop of half-socialized robots, at least one of which has apparently graduated.

  2. It actually seems like a cool little condo aside from some of the bizarre decor.

    I wonder the ghosts that exist in that old refurbished classroom where Mrs. Crank is putting Johnny in the corner with a dunce cap on, whapping Bill’s palms with a ruler, or surprising the class with a pop quiz on material she never told them to study.

  3. @anodean: Yes, Anodean, but… did you like it? LOL! Oh, and I love this – “hideously expensive.” You got that right. Looking at Pic 3 again, it reminds me of TV and movie scenes of the lower floors of NYC police stations. Serviceable to a degree, but no one’s friendly hangout. Definitely *not* something anyone should want to pay for, let alone pay for dearly. The asking price is bad enough, but the additional monthly dues manage to double the gouge.

    I would never have noticed the electronic doohickeys if you hadn’t pointed them out. I definitely see that the one in the bathroom is techish, though the one in the living room is too small for me to make out. Are you sure it’s not just some sort of odd looking pillow? Or that the “tray” on the bed isn’t really a tray? If the old pipes are still intact (copper for incoming, possibly lead for outgoing), would that be enough to necessitate electronics help for reception in the loo? Otherwise, if your ID of the other items is correct, needing that sort of help in an upscale refurbished place so close to downtown sounds like someone didn’t do their IT job properly.

    But of course the pièce de résistance is the bedroom decor, or rather the slightly set-apart from everything else sleeping area decor. Even apart from the… odd… subject matter, how can anyone who can afford this place have such utterly atrocious taste in graphic imagery? (Feel free to give whatever meaning you like to “graphic”.) Only one of the three – Our Lady of the Frosted Glass – seems to halfway accurately portray a human body. The other two are just sad, on the level of a high school art class. If I were the “male” model I’d sue the “artist” for managing to give me man boobs despite the simultaneous presence of washboard abs. And what is with the poses? Or the utter idiocy of including these in listing photos? WTF? Is the building actually HQ for some sort of swingers’ association? The only bit of final proof needed would be a trapeze, and I’m not so sure there isn’t one tucked away somewhere. That balcony sure looked room enough….

  4. @Frodo: Frodo, I agree the unit has promise, given a competent interior designer (or arsonist, where the bedroom is concerned). The problem is that your personal designer wouldn’t be allowed to address the PS-27 looking public corridor. Sad that such a rich source of history, and a humdinger locale for steam punk heaven, has not been well utilized.

  5. Nooo! Not the Robots again!

    At first glance, I took that to be a trophy in the middle of the bed; perhaps I was influenced by the general “competitive” theme in that bedroom.

    And, really, $285K for a one-bedroom, one-bath condo? With microscopic kitchen counter space and the Flying Wallendas in the bedroom??

  6. I zoomed it in a bit and discovered that what I thought was a metallic-mini-moosehead in the bathroom is actually a cryptically-creepy-cherub. Other than being designed for a deceptively digital denizen it’s not too bad. The larger pictures make me think that the bedroom ballerinas look like vinyl stick-on decals. Probably quite easy to remove much like the other odd things. I think the place actually has a lot of potential. For Seattle the condo price seems about right. Not sure about those HOA dues though, seems too high to me.

  7. @Emerald63: Steam punk, yes! That’s the design style I love that I would probably never decorate with. But I like urban exploration (an odd moniker since most of those kind of sites are now in rural locations) and the entrance is appealing to me on that level.

  8. @Samme: I’m not sure what to think if those *are* vinyl decals… On the one hand, thank heaven they’re not permanent. On the other hand, if they can be easily removed and stuck up again later, why in the world did they leave them up for the listing photos??? Curiouser and curiouser…….


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