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2 Comments on "A Minor Pest Problem"

  1. That would be a *purple* giant spider. And it would seem that’s about the only interesting thing going on for this listing. I dunno, it’s nice enough, on a very basic, utilitarian level. But there is absolutely nothing interesting, let alone exciting going on. It’s a nice patio, and the placement of the mirror in the master bedroom could prove… diverting… But pretty much your average tract house. With more aggressive decorating it could really perk up, but this structure isn’t much to crow about on its own.

    Anyone else think the “photos” of the pool and jacuzzi are actually pretty good renderings? Perhaps not everything in the development is ready-to-use? Or are those just really weird photos?

  2. Leaving aside the photographic proof of a giant purple spider on the lawn, the fact that even the realtor doesn’t seem to have a problem with that really raises the question of what’s in the water supply.

    I mean, talk about right out there.


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