Not What I Meant By “Green Living”

12610 SE 160th St., Renton, WA 98058

You’re looking at the primary photo for this single-family home listing. When a murky green pool is the best image you can present of the home you’re selling… Yikes.

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  1. Ewww…. Besides the condition of this pool, I guess there being no other pictures is likely a good indication of why this place is where it is and is still only $149K. BTW, is it unusual for their to be an in the ground pool up that way? I woulda thought it was too cool most of the year for it to be worth the cost. Obviously it wasn’t worth the effort of taking care of…. (O_o)

    Leaving Thursday, TTYL!

  2. Yes in ground pools are rare here, but not all that unusual. The post mentions that there is a lot of water damage and it has a good foundation. Basically the house isn’t worth showing and yet another person is selling a plot of land.

    Unfortunately they mentioned that the house was destroyed by flooding and water damage but seem to think someone else will want to build a house in floodsville. The housing market is good here, but I think 150 may be stretching it a bit for getting someone else to take their problem off their hands.

    Have a good trip Emerald.

  3. Reminiscent summer shot with dead grass? So presumably it looks worse now?

  4. Hmm. While there is a little stream on the map a couple blocks over (a river does run by this town), this house looks to be on a bit of a rise – nor do the photos show any outdoor damage to this or neighboring properties. My guess is that it froze, flooded, and stood to rot during some domestic upheaval… and that Samme called it rightly: they’re selling an improved lot, maybe some salvageable foundation work.

    “Mold remediation?” It might not even be sound above the sills – and far from “imagin[ing]” the pool/patio “up by summer,” I doubt it would survive bringing equipment up on that tiny lot – even if they wanted to save a pool as green as the inside of the house must be… eech.


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