Slip-Slidin’ Away

9371 Manowar Court #1212, Richmond, VA 23060

You’re looking at the primary listing photo for a FSBO condo in Richmond, VA.

9371 Manowar Court #1212, Richmond, VA 23060

I don’t “get” the extreme angle on the first shot, but apparently the owner is proud of the bar.

9371 Manowar Court #1212, Richmond, VA 23060

I mean really proud.

9371 Manowar Court #1212, Richmond, VA 23060

Seriously, these are just the first photos in the set, in the order they appear on the listing.

9371 Manowar Court #1212, Richmond, VA 23060

Five photos in a row of nothing but the bar. Dude, we get it.

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5 Comments on "Slip-Slidin’ Away"

  1. And the bar isn’t even an exceptional specimen… Nor is the kitchen. If you look at the details, then look at the whole, you can see that the former are simplistic and the latter has likely not been thought out at all. There’s a lack of cohesion which is only made worse by the small, chopped up appearance of the fridge/stove side of the layout. For something that small to work, it needs to look as seamless as possible. But we see gaps everywhere. Also, in so small a space a white fridge, to match the stove and cabinets, would have been the way to go. That is, unless truly professional attention were given to details.

    A similar situation is in the one bathroom pic – a huge, grand style mirror with gold trim… right next to a craptastic, el-cheapo hanging white cabinet, the kind you can pick up at any home improvement store (or Walmart), for $20 (or less). Um, no. Whoever was responsible for the two being incongruously next to each other doesn’t have the capacity to look at the overall effect.

    Not surprising, then, that the huge shelving unit in the living room is just butt ugly. AND… it’s built in… with lights. Sigh. It has a vague resemblance to Islamic architecture in the rounded tops, but I tend to think that wasn’t the intent. Even if it were, when combined with the most generic French provincial style cabinet doors, the result is just schlock. Built in schlock which is all the harder to be rid of.

    The one saving grace given the current appearance is the bank of windows in the dining area, along with the French doors onto the balcony. Lots of light, very good privacy from tree/bush line. A place I wouldn’t mind hanging out in. I might not mind hanging out anywhere in this unit if it were properly kitted out with a well planned concept and proper attention to details.

    Oh, just one more thing. Looking at the overhead photo, it seems there is no covered parking for this condo court.

  2. White bar, off-black wall, black microwave, white stove, stainless fridge, off-white or grey outlet covers, cream walls (!), white built-ins, lovely wood looking floors, until the carpeted bedroom (picture isn’t good enough to tell the carpet color). White ceiling fans throughout until the shiny black fan in the bedroom. I am simply going to pretend they didn’t take pics of the bathroom.

    Clearly they were trying to go for a black and white theme, but were too lazy to get rid of the original cream color on half the walls. Also as @Emerald63: said it is clear that no one ever stepped back and looked at it as a complete picture. I also love the dining area windows. I think if they just made the black wall a nice coordinating neutral, and painted the rest of the cream walls white they might be on to something.

  3. @Samme: I guess it’s even worse than I thought… I hadn’t caught the attempt at a black/white theme. Erg, argh, ugh…

  4. Yes, sorry, you’re right; insertion does seem to be a bit off-kilter. Not to worry, the floor’s made to be cleaned – and if you’ll just move right along toward the bright light, I’ll be on to doing that.

    Yes, well, I suppose I’d be upset too, gentle… beings, and no, I don’t suppose you’ll be leaving anything in the tip jar (left of pic#2), which, yes, I am painfully aware is empty.

    Right. Well, we are certified within parameters as of this morning, there are no operator-accessible components at this site, and we have a schedule to keep, so… boopsidaisy you go. Thank you, come again.

    Cripes, what did that lot eat? I am so done with this gig. Own your own inter-dimensional transfer site, they said. Make easy money, they said. Meet interesting people, they said. Yeah, well. Service has blown me off for the last time. I swear, I’m gonna list this place and go buy a tree farm or something.

  5. When I got a look at that first picture, I thought that the recent earthquake in Mineral, VA (about thirty miles or so west of this condo) had been worse than I thought, but then I realized, Hey, this is in my neighborhood!

    When your two-bedroom condo is less than 1000 sf, painting anything black doesn’t seem like the best idea.


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