406 Robert Ln., Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Nothing like a pair of golden lions guarding the front door to say: “Welcome, visitors! Here’s hoping you don’t meet a gruesome fate inside these walls.”

406 Robert Ln., Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Oh, wait. Looks like they’re just guarding the Beverly Hills Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

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4 Comments on "Enter… IF YOU DARE"

  1. Erg… Anyone else feel like they’re in the final scenes of “2001: A Space Odyssey”? Lots of sleek, modern lines to the rooms, but lots and lots of Louis XV decor? Still, it beats the utter swamp of bas relief and pattern in Pic 16.

    Except for the hideous wallpaper on the soffit, I actually like the kitchen work area (Pic 14). The breakfast area not so much. Looks too much like there are bars on the windows.

    But the semi-circular, floor-to-ceiling glass bay in Pic 8? YES PLEASE!!! Of course what’s next to it will either have to go or be toned way down… It would be a lovely spot for a modern update of a “conversation pit.”

    Now, what to do about the clunky and outdated exterior……

  2. I think they should hire me to polish their stuff. House me in a sweet little cottage out back, I’ll keep those lions nice and spiffy. :D

  3. @anodean: If they won’t take you, the Art Institute of Chicago has a nice pair of lions for you. :P http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Art_Institute_of_Chicago_Lion_Statue_%282-D%29.jpg

  4. Em, I wondered why I kept looking through doorways and seeing myself at a different stage of life, eating soup or lying on the bed. Wait, I seem to be getting larger…what is going–WAAHH! WAAAH!


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