Don’t Mind Me, I’m Just Trying To Sell Your House

22822 Fossil Peak, San Antonio, TX 78261

What’s that? Oh, no, don’t bother getting up. I’m sure your work is very important.

22822 Fossil Peak, San Antonio, TX 78261

No, it’s no big deal. I’m just taking pictures of your house. You know, so we can try to sell it for $800,000.

Why not retire to the living room with your friends?

22822 Fossil Peak, San Antonio, TX 78261

Oh, right.

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2 Comments on "Don’t Mind Me, I’m Just Trying To Sell Your House"

  1. San Antonio is a good city to live in. The nice thing about the remaining furniture, and owner picking away at her ipad or tablet, is that you get to see how the house handles being lived-in. So the windows in the shower show the need for more places to put soap, shampoo, shower cleaners, or whatever else you are going to leave in the shower. The tile stains with traffic patterns pretty well, so even if you get it cleaned, you will have to scrub it on a regular basis. The kitchen seems small for this size of a house. The living room will be an awkward fit for furniture, and the popcorn ceiling is messed up where they re-did the vent. And I wonder about the vents given that the office area where the woman is sitting requires a towel under the door. What’s that all about? The nice thing is all the storage space this house apparently has, if you need it.

  2. If the San Antonio Board of Realtors wants to feature their name on their copyrighted photos, they might want to hire a professional architectural photographer, because these have got to be some of the most disorienting interior photos I’ve ever seen. The “face” in Pic 14 almost seems to be begging for help…

    It might also behoove them to have someone spruce up the place first, especially the bathroom counter tops and the walk-in closets. At least the kitchen is clean. The office isn’t as big a deal, considering the enormous stack of rolled building plans; the description boasts that this is a builder’s own home. Of course that begs the question of why the builder/owner is selling…

    There is no street view inside this gated community, but zooming in and out on an satellite map shows that in just the last year or two what was an enormous tract of undeveloped land just behind this property has come under the knife. It appears it will be either a multi-building shopping center or perhaps an office park. Kind of ironic given that builder/owner thing, eh? Apparently, they’ve been hoist by their own petard.

    OK, so… the house. Looks nice enough, what we can see of it. I find the stone floors and Total.Lack.of.Color off-putting, but that’s what carpets and paint are for. There are some nice features, but then again, what about those wear stains Frodo mentioned, as well as that towel on the office threshold? Indeed, what about them?


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