846 CR 207, Durango, CO 81301

From the virtual tour:


It is an Experience.

846 CR 207, Durango, CO 81301

It is a Chipmunk.

846 CR 207, Durango, CO 81301

It is an Owl.

846 CR 207, Durango, CO 81301

It is a Hummingbird.

846 CR 207, Durango, CO 81301

It is a Gang of Turkeys.

846 CR 207, Durango, CO 81301

It is… um… a Hole. Made of Sticks.

Sadly this home was pulled from the market a few weeks ago, but gladly, the photos can all still be viewed in the virtual tour linked below.

Also, this video.

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6 Comments on "THIS IS NOT A HOUSE"

  1. It’s OK, I’m actually glad that all the pictures after the first one were all sweet wildlife studies, because the first thing I saw was the little bear on the left of the first picture…and in that frozen instant, with my vision totally locked onto it’s posture and pointed little snout, I mentally shouted, “SIZE ‘A THAT RAT!”

    It then took me all of the following few minutes of pretty calendar-illustration pictures to calm down. Because whatever else might be wrong with the place, it probably *doesn’t* have giant rats – because, let’s face it, they would have eaten the rest of the animals.

  2. @anodean: …and maybe the people. (O_o)

  3. Stunning setting. When it’s summer. But this is Durango, CO. It may look just as lovely in winter but being snowed in for who knows how many months at a time is not my idea of fun. Maybe that’s why it’s listed at just under $1M. I guess if you’re a snow-lover, though, this would be heaven. Unless the bears get hungry enough to stroll up to the house and invite themselves in. (Probably a judicious decision on the lister’s part to leave out any images of pumas.)

    The house itself isn’t necessarily the “OMG I have to have it!” variety, but it’s nice. I wouldn’t turn it down if someone said, “Here, have a house.” Was anyone else bothered by the impossible to pin down photo stream? I never could figure out how to pause the video. The music pauses but the photos just keep moving up and down and up again before switching. Kudos for using one of the ever-classic Bach Cello Suites, though. Exquisite music for an exquisite example of landscaping.

  4. @Emerald63: Right, that’s the video at the listing link that won’t pause. The one here pauses fine.

  5. Here’s a bear and there’s a bear
    And there’s another little bear,
    Fuzzy bear, funny bear,
    Hungry bear,

  6. @JMixx:…for the win. :D


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