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  1. Wait! Wait! I recognize the principle of the toile dishes hung upon matching toile-papered walls from Emerald’s previous explanations: This is meant to make the room look larger! And it works! Stealth dishes for the win!

    And I won’t judge them for the massive antique safe in the living room, either. An old safe is like a vampire: once someone has let it in, it stays at its pleasure.

    Oddly enough, the cheerfully tomato-soup colored cow-skin centerpiece just seems relaxing, in context. It hasn’t any pattern.

    Character, this place. Yards of character.

  2. The interior design is such a nightmare that I can’t tell whether or not I like the house. Outdoor areas are nice, though!

  3. “I want to hang these pastel yellow, blue, and red striped curtains in the room with the navy blue and red Oriental rug. How can we paint the walls to make them go together? Oh, we can’t? Well, then, the heck with it. What’s on sale?”

  4. Strange, I actually like this house…I know it looks awful, but I really like it.

  5. @dawn: It is a nice house. The rooms are a bit large, but still interesting, have pleasant light and are strangely restful – which is pretty awesome, considering.

    I can almost hear someone (sadly, probably female) saying, “It needs some pizazz!” (Always step back whenever someone says that. I mean, it’s not always bad… but step back.)

    There are some absolutely wonderful antique furnishings that seem to speak of things loved in childhood (of the male owner, I presume), and if you can visually edit out the “pizazz,” that stuff has got it going on in that space.

    Unfortunately, the sort of temperament that would consider graceful, elegant old comfort too boring bears an unfortunate correlation in my mind with the rest of what’s going on here…

  6. Hi All! I do believe this is my first submission to be chosen as the daily feature here. Cool! Anodean, I’m definitely feeling a split personality here, too. There are rooms like the ones shown here – garish – and then there are a few that are much more tolerable. There are even a couple that are downright dull.

    Overall, nice house in a *very* nice setting. I have a big jealous over the screen porch and deck. As for the nice rooms… the entry/stair hall is just about right, and the den with brick fireplace (No7) and kitchen and breakfast area (No11) also look good. The dull rooms IMO are what seem to be an exercise room (No10) and the pale green bedroom (No15). Not too much more is needed, but a little something would really warm and enliven them.

    And at the other extreme we have… the craziness. The dining room and the “safe room” (both pictured above) are close to be being nice, too, if only one major element were changed. In the dining room, wallpaper OR carpet – not both. And in the safe room, curtain swags OR carpet – not both (and maybe a less prominent wall color).

    One wonders if all these carpets, as well as some of the antique looking furniture, were inherited, hence a reluctance to do away with them. If that’s the case, then for heaven’s sake just watch what you choose to go with them! I you must make your own statement, then let go of the older items that simply don’t go. BTW, I hadn’t even noticed the hanging dishes in the dining room. Stealth indeed!

    A lot of the furniture here is lovely. It’s too bad it’s been put in a setting that keeps any of the individual pieces from really shining. Too many nice pieces of different eras put together can do that, even without the drunken party guest walls and floors trying to throw up on them. Pity. The one room they did seem to get right, with only one major patterned element and no furniture fights, is the ottoman room above. The colors are intense, but for the type of room it is they seem vibrant and invigorating, rather than garish. The room screams for a pool table and beer taps, though, not a… mini wine cellar, but perhaps only because I’m not a wine drinker.

    Just for kicks, I also love the town name – Waccabuc, NY. Sooo much ritzier than Waccamole, NJ. ;)

  7. @Emerald63: I didn’t know that there was an actual Waccamole NJ!! I do, however, live within driving distance of Bumpass, VA.

  8. @JMixx: RE: Waccamole, NJ… There’s not, not as far as I know. I made it up. But I figured if there were a Waccamole anywhere in the U.S. it would have to be in Jersey, ya know? There is, however, an Intercourse, Pennsylvania, as well as a Peculiar, Missouri. I could’ve sworn, though, that Bumpass was in Arkansas (and I’m allowed to say that because I was born there).

  9. @Emerald63: For all I know, there is a Bumpass in Arkansas too. Bumpass, VA, is near Richmond. I keep wondering if that “P” goes with the first syllable, or the second? Changes the mental images pretty significantly…

  10. @JMixx: Goes right along with the t-shirt that says,

    Let’s eat Grandma
    Let’s eat, Grandma
    Punctuation – it saves lives

    Honestly, though, one thing the hubby and I do on long road trips is peruse the atlas looking for weird/fun/unique place names. But of course neither of us grew up in the electronic-games-as-intravenous-fun era.


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