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Clayton Road, Hunslet, Leeds, West Yorkshire

There’s nothing particularly remarkable about this ordinary £134,950 (about $215,000) 3-bedroom house in Leeds, which is apparently why the owners decided to create this lovely pretend view.

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  1. And what a lovely pretend view it is! Personally, I would dearly love to see whatever real world examples the artist took inspiration from, as I’ve never seen a purple-roofed barn, let alone two, side by side. :D

    The rest of the place looks better for the money than we’ve seen before in the UK. The interior looks to be in good condition, though it seems the dishwasher was taken out by the previous owners. But that’s an easy fix and, besides, there’s lots of hardwood, decent looking walls in a nice off-white, and a good amount of natural light. Even the eye-popping (-poppy?) wallpaper in the living room could work, given it’s on only one wall. Some black upholstered furniture with a couple of red accents… yeah.

    Overall it’s pretty nice. It may seem a bit cramped, but then again we Americans are often spoiled for wide open spaces.


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