Get a Leg Up on the Neighbors

5609 Preakness Ln., Plano, TX 75093

Those are definitely some… um… unique bar stools, that’s for sure.

The ottoman in what appears to be one of this home’s six living rooms is quite something too:

5609 Preakness Ln., Plano, TX 75093

The really strange thing is that the whole rest of the house seems perfectly normal. It’s a funky furniture sneak attack.

Found by: Ben F.

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  1. What totally wealthy guy *wouldn’t* want his own private “topless” bar… as clearly defined by topless bar stools? Ya know what they say, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it,” whether it’s money or… umm…

    Moving right along…

    I’m left wondering just how many cows were sacrificed to create that ottoman. At least it blends very well with the the tan and caramel colors in the rest of the house. They’re nice colors, but boy there sure are a lot of them! A little variation might’ve been nice…

    It’s almost a little sad that whoever chose the bar stools didn’t express their whimsy more often (or at least their willingness to use non-tan, non-caramel colors). It might’ve helped with all the overly large rooms in which furniture seems to float like crippled spaceships in the vast expanse of outer space. I mean, how big does a room have to be for a frickin’ billiards table to seem lost and lonely?! If furniture can seem stranded in this place, how do you think *people* are going to feel? There’s something to be said for the “Goldilocks” effect – spaces that aren’t too big *or* too small, but just right. I’m strongly reminded of how puny and insignificant people seemed inside St. Peter’s in Rome. Kinda missed the point on how going to church is *supposed* to make you feel… Not an uncommon result when the focus has shifted to “Can we?” and away from “Should we?” Seems the same thing has happened with this house.

    However, I *am* loving the numerous large windows and all the woodwork, and the spiral staircase is to die for!

  2. I knew this tacky place would be in TX before I even saw the address.

  3. “furniture seems to float like crippled spaceships in the vast expanse of outer space” Hilarious and accurate. I have been looking at houses in my area and I have discovered a point right around the $1.2m USD mark where houses go from family-home to grandiose mess. I am definitely more into the nice details and comfortable nooks-and-crannies kind of room than these monstrous spaces. It could be that I spent a few years in a 700 sq ft apartment but I like to think that it more a sense of taste and style.

  4. @K: Anything in particular that screams “Texas!” rather than “Hollywood!” to you? Perhaps a lack of chrome finishes and glass tabletops? LOL!

  5. @Samme: I think my first apartment must have been around that same size. It was just me, though, and the layout helped it seem bigger – a very generous living room with an l-shaped projection for the dining area. The bedroom was a good size, too, and my walk-in closet could practically have qualified as a second bedroom. The bathroom was average, but the kitchen was small enough that I couldn’t even open the refrigerator all the way! To be fair, the place was built well before the newer fridge models like the one that had been put in by the time I came along. At least I got one of those, with enough interior space, a separate freezer unit, and the only marginally objectionable olive green exterior. The other units I looked at had those terminally nasty 1950s pink models or the too-close-to-hospital-green-to-be-associated-with-food shade of aquamarine ones. (O_o)

    Whether one is comfortable of not seems to have much more to do with how a space is used and less to do with the size of that space, although some of us do tend to feel cramped if it hasn’t reached a minimum threshold of square footage.

  6. Denita TwoDragons | February 17, 2013 at 9:50 AM |

    I knew it. I KNEW IT!! Trust a Texan to spot a Texan house before I even scroll down to see the address…

    That being said…folks, please, I apologize for my fellow Texans. i promise, we all aren’t this bizarre. I can’t speak for myself, because I *know* I’m bizarre…but I’m sure there are some Texans out there with better taste…

  7. “Well, Bossy was our best milk cow, so when she died, we just couldn’t let her go. That’s her, there, in the center of the living room.

    Before we go on through to the bar, I should mention our three best ranch hands, Ernie, Frank, and Bubba…”

  8. @JMixx: LOL!!! Well worth the wait for that laugh, JMixx!!!

  9. Well whadya know… I have to wonder if the sellers saw our comment section. I just went to refresh my memory at Redfin and the pic with the cowhide ottoman is nowhere to be seen! Things that make ya go “Hmm…”


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