A Reason to Move to Cleveland

2178 Harcourt Dr, Cleveland Heights, OH 44106

From the listing description:

This historic, Ambler Cleveland Heights mansion, with unbelievable architectural beauty and natural, detailed woodwork, was used for the filming of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This Elizabethan Tudor, known as Harcourt Manor, was designed in 1910 by Frank Meade, renown Cleveland architect, and encompasses an impressive Cleveland history. Kermode Gill, who built Terminal Tower, built this beautiful arts and crafts masterpiece 100 years ago encompassing coffered ceilings and beautiful green Italian Marble.

2178 Harcourt Dr, Cleveland Heights, OH 44106

A local blog posted more info on the movie connection during the 2013 filming, describing the home’s involvement in the movie as “a short scene.”

2178 Harcourt Dr, Cleveland Heights, OH 44106

I definitely dig the wood.

2178 Harcourt Dr, Cleveland Heights, OH 44106

That’s a pretty great kitchen, too.

2178 Harcourt Dr, Cleveland Heights, OH 44106

Dance party!

Only $900,000. Just one catch… You have to live in Cleveland (okay technically Cleveland Heights). Then again, I hear Cleveland isn’t that bad…

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  1. Cleveland? Man, everybody knows the real action is in Cincinnati! Hell, they even have a better theme song… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=poqvBlBXa4U (Careful of the BIG volume increase at :41)

    Lovely old place at an exceptionally good price with a lollapalooza of potential to become a total show-stopper. And really, the only apparent upgrades it needs are updated furnishings/paint/wallpaper, updated fridge and stove in the kitchen (if one could bear to remove any of the plethora of lovely cabinets), cleaning the fireplace surrounds, and some sandblasting on the exterior stone. Considering the price of the house, that’s not much.

    Of course there may be other serious issues that aren’t apparent (the complete lack of bathroom pics is concerning). Barring that, though, the only major quandary would be… what to do with a ballroom in this day and age? And there certainly are worse quandaries to be in.


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