Everything Under the Dome (Except Stairs)

7900 SW 77 Ave., Miami, FL 33143

According to the Zillow Blog, this home has “a maze of ramps” instead of stairs inside.

7900 SW 77 Ave., Miami, FL 33143

Also inside, this:

7900 SW 77 Ave., Miami, FL 33143

Not into modern art? No problem, just step over into the dining room…

7900 SW 77 Ave., Miami, FL 33143

So much going on here. Funny that the listing agent (quoted in the above-linked piece on Zillow) describes it as “a very peaceful house.” With this many different styles I feel uneasy just looking through the photos…

Photos by: David Gonzalez
Found by: Christin C.

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2 Comments on "Everything Under the Dome (Except Stairs)"

  1. The eclectic mix of styles aside, this would be perfect for someone who was wheelchair bound. I could be wrong, but I’m going to guess that the Estefans had the ramps built when Gloria was recovering from her accident in 1990. The art is apparently the stuff of the couple that renovated the place a few years ago.

  2. I dunno… take away the minarets and it sort of looks like a small-scale nuclear reactor. :\ Now it the dome were tiled, or even painted, in the appropriate colors and patterns, I could start to get excited about this offering. At least from the outside. The interior decor, on the other hand, is, as both Marty and Frodo have noted, too hodge-podge to in any way hold together. (Frodo, “eclectic” was being kind.) I do however like the Picasso-esque metal-work door cover. That in itself, even without the doves, is peaceful.


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