Let’s Play “Find the Castle!”

143 Herrick Road., Southampton, NY 11968

The listing agent claims that they are selling an “impressive red brick castle residence” for $4.3 million. Good luck finding it, though!

143 Herrick Road., Southampton, NY 11968

Oh, there it is.

143 Herrick Road., Southampton, NY 11968

From the listing description:

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the impressive red brick Castle residence with tower, on approx. .43 acre, has been exactingly restored from the ground up, and comes with a newly restored pool house, three-bedroom main house and a wonderful heated gunite pool, set in the heart of Southampton Village, easy distances to shopping, restaurants, and beaches. The master bedroom, located in the turret, includes a beautiful free-standing soaking tub. Two bedroom suites occupy the lower level. A specifications list of restoration details is available, and the lavish landscaping maximizes privacy.

I don’t know what a “heated gunite pool” is, but I want one. I need one.

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  1. Marty, gunite is an old trademark for shotcrete, which is just concrete shot out of a nozzle onto a wire frame. It was a common way of making a free-form swimming pool. You don’t see it as much any more as most pools are now made of fiberglass.

  2. Pretty place, although I know absolutely nothing on the upkeep of decorative ivy. Do you trim it? Prune it? Feed stray dogs to it? I’d have the place looking like a dead, brown, creepy mess inside of a season, I’m sure.

    On the other hand, this has some pretty spaces. It kind of reminds me of Rivendell. I expect to see elves walking through.

  3. Some nice Gothic Revival detailing here (that’s the “Rivendell look” Frodo mentioned), especially the window mullions. The ivy, too, is nice, though a bit pervasive. Depending on the variety, most ivies can do a real number on brick and stone. Given this is on the National Register I’m surprised the owners haven’t been told trim it back. Then again, perhaps there is a distinction between historic places and historic structures, like some event of historical significance happened here, rather than the building itself being significant.

    I still wouldn’t want to have to cope with whatever restrictions might apply for remodeling or even just refurbishing. The coal stove in the living room and the old cook stove and sink in the kitchen are quaint, but I’d just as soon want to be able to modernize if I chose. I would, however, be more than happy to take those enormous and gorgeous glass front bookcases off their hands… drool, drool, drool…

  4. Forgot to mention that if they’re going to tout the master suite and it’s freestanding tub, they need to show photos. Also, the listing site’s photo set up – having to click on individual photos to enlarge them – is really a hassle.


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