Pristine Party House

81333 Peary Pl., La Quinta, CA 92253

By my count, there is seating for nearly fifty people in this main dining / living room.

81333 Peary Pl., La Quinta, CA 92253

But the bar seats only three, apparently.

I love this bit from the listing:

Spectacular Mid-Century Modern Estate just completed!

Um, in order to be a Mid-Century Modern, I think it needs to have been completed in the middle of the (previous) century.

81333 Peary Pl., La Quinta, CA 92253

I counted nine television screens scattered throughout this house. Two of them are outside. Because screw nature.

81333 Peary Pl., La Quinta, CA 92253

Speaking of nature, check out the ultra-natural palm tree in the middle of the ultra-natural courtyard.

Asking price on this over-the-top spec home: $8.5 million.

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7 Comments on "Pristine Party House"

  1. If I could find about 20 other people to go in with me, we could afford it and all have room to live and entertain.

  2. @Samme: Exactly! It looks exactly like communal living space to me – a university student union, to be precise, because this was what a newly built facility looked like when I was there!

    So… bunch of us get together, we can relive the days the way they never were, given more money and life experience! Priceless. :D

  3. @Samme: Of course, with only 5 bedrooms, I hope you like bunk beds,…

  4. @anodean: I was thinking hotel lobby. I don’t need to pay that kind of money to live in a hotel.

  5. “…we can relive the days the way they never were, given more money and life experience!” That makes sense, actually. Bear with me…

    La Quinta is about 80 miles east of Los Angeles, aka Hollywood, aka Tinseltown.* Given the amount of seating and the fact that a good number of the TV screens are showing classic movies, I’d say this is likely a retreat for one of the Powers That Be in the movie industry. Plenty of space to entertain, schmooze, and show off your latest project along with the glorious legacy you’re (purportedly) upholding.

    (* – Go figure. Spell check is balking at Los Angeles but is totally fine with Tinseltown. Even my computer prefers make-believe.)

    The house itself is pretty sweet. It definitely needs to get a “lived in” look; even rumpling the throw pillows a bit would be helpful. But from an architectural standpoint it’s very nice. As to decor, I like the lightly textured stone walls and there’s a nice balance of neutrals and color in most of the rooms. Not that I’d want to live there full time, but I could certainly enjoy a long weekend.

    As usual, I’m loving the “am I indoors or out?” play of space. I’d prefer less (literally) polished surfaces checker-boarding with the lawn elements, though. Even though the design is OK the man-made surfaces feel way too artificial.

    I get that it feels over-produced. Then again, so does a lot of what comes out of Hollywood these days. But if you look at this as an extension of a movie set, as a backdrop for a specific group of people doing specific activities, it works. You’re right Marty… it ain’t mid-century modern, but the modern it is has a consistent internal logic, one I think hangs together in a better than usual manner.

  6. It has the look of a nice office building to it.

  7. @K: A very nice office building.


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