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3 Comments on "Duck Duck Duck (and More Duck)"

  1. Never mind I can’t afford this – check out the land and the outbuildings!

  2. The buildings don’t look too bad. Although I’m confused… the description says what’s for sale is one-story, but there’s at least one two-story building shown. Also, there’s a… grain silo? Is that for feed to attract deer? If so, that’s a hell of a lot of deer they’re going to attract. And an awfully expensive way to do it. I’m not a hunter, so I don’t really know, but I’d think that there would likely be deer there anyway. Same goes for ducks and geese, obviously.

    Anyway, the size of the property must be the reason for the price tag. The buildings are nice, but they shouldn’t cost even 1/10 the price even as a group.

  3. Well, it’s a hunting property, like the listing says; to wit, a business, hence the separate cottage/guesthouses. This sort of operation caters an *ahem* sure-fire outcome to paying guests, hence all the pictures of the abundant, practically-tame ducks and that grain storage silo for feeding all the deer in that “impoundment lot” mentioned.

    The proprietors may also entertain their well-heeled guests (food and liquor, pa-ching!) in that nice home-cum-lodge – but a wealthy family holding it for their own exclusive use would likely have configured it (and be selling it) differently.

    I’d pass on any offer to look after this place. Natural beauty does not begin to offset the mortal risk of intentionally associating with tick-bearing deer.


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