Very Well-Guarded Swampland

Griffith Neck Rd., Cambridge, MD 21613

If you had $1.3 million to spend, I bet you thought you could buy a house.

Griffith Neck Rd., Cambridge, MD 21613

Nope. You just get guard towers.

Griffith Neck Rd., Cambridge, MD 21613

Okay so technically they’re tree stands for hunting.

Griffith Neck Rd., Cambridge, MD 21613

Whatever they are, you obviously get a lot of them with this listing.

Griffith Neck Rd., Cambridge, MD 21613

All so you can shoot guns over this lovely swampland.

Griffith Neck Rd., Cambridge, MD 21613

This lovely $1,300,000 swampland.

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2 Comments on "Very Well-Guarded Swampland"

  1. From the listing: “Sitka, white tails, geese, ducks.”

    OK, but are there any loons? This is Looney Listings and I’m just not sure I can approve of continued hunting venues unless they specifically have loons.

    Wait… is it legal to hunt loons? No? Well… perhaps non-hunting venues are more our speed. Besides they’re less likely to have all those… mysterious blue barrels. No, honestly – I don’t want to know.

  2. Emerald, Emerald, the entire history of real estate transfer is deeply entwined, nay, entirely saturated with the offering of swampland.

    Here we have enjoyed three wonderful examples of how to sell Camp Swampy: (1) The Florida Method: dredge canals to raise suburban dwellings 6″ above the five-year floodplain. Market ongoing co-habitation with “Untamed Nature” as a feature. (2) The Hunting Resort: Raise only a small footprint, feed the “Untamed Nature,” and sell tickets to shoot it. (3) The Wildlife Preserve: Leave “Untamed Nature” be, and slop around in it for whatever you can pot fairly and drag out.

    Chicago originated as a swampland swindle on New Yorkers, y’know. :D


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