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2 Comments on "Behold the “Streamlined Bathroom”"

  1. This is $1250 (American) per month??? If this is indeed Australian “city living at its best” get me to the countryside, post haste! I’ll take my chances with the lethal wildlife, thank you very much.

    I had surgery recently and the all-white, all-shiny interior of this studio apartment is a dead ringer for the OR I was in, although I think the OR felt a bit more homey. Musta been the ginormous lighting fixtures with warm-toned bulbs.

    So this place is “fully furnished”? Is it just me or does a Murphy bed not entirely count towards “fully furnished”? And the kitchen comes “with appliances”? Maybe I’m just an inexperienced suburban American, but it seems like a half-sized fridge, a single burner stove top and lack of oven don’t count anymore towards “with appliances” than the Murphey bed does towards “fully furnished.” There seems to be a dishwasher, though I’m not sure how anyone living in this closet could have enough dishes to merit one.

    And what about that big white porcelain elephant in the corner? (Wow, an elephant in the corner that’s also a white elephant at the same time…) As if the sight of it while you cook isn’t nauseating enough, there’s also the hygiene factor. Atomized toilet water particles right next to the food prep area is a nightmare!

    While the place looks slick (literally) and space age (without the space), it also looks small, cold, and not up to scratch in a first world country wanting to charge $1250/month for the “excitement” of big city living.

  2. This is what we would call a basement. It is mostly below grade (note load bearing foundation blocks), and the barred window is in an over-sized painted-to-overlook freight door. The listing mentions “Floorboards” as a feature – over slab, most like.

    Note the grill floor under the toilet and shower, leading toward a corner of the room very cleverly not shown. At best, the soil pipe for the whole building somewhere far the other side of the cabinet wall – at worst the trench continues across the room, grill and all.

    It’s “streamlined” because the kitchen-toilet-shower area has only got the one plumbing entry… and if you look carefully, you will see that that area has also got the only power outlet.

    Yes sir, you can “Lock up and go!” – though presumably not through that hopefully-sealed outer door, with it’s one barrel-bolt in the bottom of the picture where they carefully cut out the mystery corner – because you may not want to be home when they have to come work on the building’s plumbing system…


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