Good Day Sir, Have you Come to View My Secret Condo?

8600 Coppertowne Ln. #2006, Dallas, TX 75243

You’re looking at the primary photo for this cheap Dallas condo. I’m not sure if the condo is hiding in the bush behind the dapper statue, or what exactly is going on here.

8600 Coppertowne Ln. #2006, Dallas, TX 75243

From the listing description:

Copperfield is the Best Kept Secret in Lake Highlands. Beautifully-treed and landscaped community with private and professional security. Community Mailbox, Clubhouse and Pool. Nothing to do but move-in and start enjoying the easy life.

8600 Coppertowne Ln. #2006, Dallas, TX 75243

Apparently “how to take decent listing photos” is also one of the best kept secrets in Lake Highlands.

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3 Comments on "Good Day Sir, Have you Come to View My Secret Condo?"

  1. Hmm, looks like the previous owner left in a bit of a hurry. Could it be the work of this latest – and perhaps most calamitously adroit – listing butler?

    Don’t blink… oops!

  2. @Anodean: AGGHHH!!! It’s the Weeping Listing Butlers! Quick – everyone back into the Tardis, NOW!!!!

  3. As it stands, this unit is dying a slow, painful death from terminal blandness. Hopefully, several doses of high potency color and texture will allow the patient a second chance at life. And you know, $60K + $200/mo HOA dues for a condo in Dallas ain’t that bad, especially with a nice looking pool and terraced fountain layout. I suppose the big variables are what kind of neighborhood it’s in and whether it’s so cheaply made that buying is out of the question.


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