How To: Stock Your Bomb Shelter

1 Orchard Ln., Lawrenceville, NJ 08648

From the listing description:

There is even a bomb shelter in the basement that sleeps six and has a periscope from a WWII submarine (which would make an ideal wine cellar).

Pictured: the appropriate way to stock your bomb shelter. Wine, helmets, a periscope, and prison beds without mattresses.

What more would you need?

Found by: Christin C.

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3 Comments on "How To: Stock Your Bomb Shelter"

  1. …with the hot water heater, apparently. And the periscope is propped up on blocks. I’m guessing Grandpa brought that Nazi helmet home from the war.

    Aside from the odd bomb shelter, it’s not a bad place. It just needs to be updated.

  2. Well, I just had to picture myself waiting until the realtor had led in a prospect and then sneaking onto the property, finding the business end of the periscope, and giving it the close-range stink-eye about the time prospective customers would be trying it out. Bet that would stimulate wine consumption in the bomb shelter.

  3. I’m with Frodo – not a bad place, but in need of updating. The first couple of photos at the listing looked good, though I had the sense that the landscaping lacked a certain sharp-edged attention that suggested an older place that has been let go to a degree. Then I saw Pic 3 – no matter how cool the octagonal tower is, a photo showing a defunct TV antenna array is, IMO, a bad idea. It screams the need for modernization.

    The decor simply confirmed my sense that a nice place has been allowed to sit unchanged for too long, not to mention the need for basic exterior maintenance given Pic 21.

    But given the size, price, and location, this is a fabulous opportunity to grab a whole heaping helping of potential. As long as the structure is sound and updating HVAC and/or wiring and plumbing won’t sink your budget, I say go for it.


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