2012 Has Been a Good Year

19226 N Cave Creek Rd. #111, Phoenix, AZ 85024

You’re looking at the primary photo for this Phoenix townhome. Yes, the fact that the Goodyear Blimp happened to be a few thousand feet overhead was more important than showing us anything about the house itself.

Actually, there aren’t any photos of the inside of the house in the listing at all. There is this nice shot of the bars around one of the community pools, though.

19226 N Cave Creek Rd. #111, Phoenix, AZ 85024

That’s just as good as actually seeing the thing they want you to pay $299,900 for, right? Right?

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3 Comments on "2012 Has Been a Good Year"

  1. Denita TwoDragons | December 21, 2012 at 3:17 PM |

    Little do you know, you’re actually buying the hangar the blimp goes in!

    Dude, wouldn’t living in a blimp be kind of awesome, though? I’d steampunk it out and call it “Castle Wulfenbach”…sorry, had a Girl Genius moment going on there…

  2. Well, it *is* called “The Preserve” and it *is* at Cave Creek… so maybe they’re trying to preserve the privacy, maybe to the point of having the homes inside the cave? Yeah… I wouldn’t show pictures of that either. But then *I* wouldn’t charge $300K.

    Did I miss something, or did the listing really not say how many bedrooms there are? It mentions there are 3.5 baths and 4 decks, not to mention **cherry** cabinets, but the number of bedrooms? Oh, not important, really…..

  3. This shows all the tell-tale signs of yet another abandoned Phoenix real estate development scheme: They built the clubhouse and a couple models, and then got closed down while the first starts were in varying stages of construction. But if you’ll add money now… they’ll actually build yours!

    Since this amounts to “Pie-in-the-Sky Acres,” I suppose it isn’t surprising at all that one reaches it by Airship… though on the whole, I think I second Denita’s plan of just living in the dirigible. The one in Up! looked mighty nice, and you can park it in a handicap spot. :D


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