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  1. My, they is a whooole lotta beige goin’ on in this place. And tan. And taupe. And brown… All that money and they can’t afford any colors? Pity. Sure, it’s one of the better assemblages of beige that we’ve seen, but it’s kinda surprising – and disappointing – for Southern California.

    In general it’s a smart looking place, not overdecorated as so many are (e.g., Pic 16). Even the wrought iron railings work, which is something coming from me. (And the tacky sculpture atop them can always be re/moved.) I’m still at a loss as to why I haven’t had my typical “Death by Curly-Q” reaction to them. Maybe it’s the extended s-shape, the serpentine aspect of them, as opposed to the exclusively circular patterns we usually see. Or maybe it’s that they’re used in wide open spaces and thus don’t crowd the visual field. Whatever – they work for me.

    What doesn’t work is having a house this expensive in this neat a location with 3 – count them, 3 – garage doors staring you down even as you approach a rather impressive entry facade. Even when cars are featured by owners as beautiful artwork, the service oriented garage aspect needs to be with the rest of the service oriented items – around back. Yes, around back is the closed end of a canyon, but for $10M+ something could have been figured out.

    One final mystery… that $10M+ price tag and… they’re having an open house??? Yeah, how does that work?


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