Free Rocks With Purchase

711 Magnolia Ave, Mena, AR 71953

Free rocks included with purchase of home.

711 Magnolia Ave, Mena, AR 71953

Added bonus: Green stuff!

What’s that? Oh, you want to see what the house itself looks like? Okay, sure.

711 Magnolia Ave, Mena, AR 71953

Here is a wall.

711 Magnolia Ave, Mena, AR 71953

And here is some trim.

Oh, you wanted to see more? Fine.

711 Magnolia Ave, Mena, AR 71953

No, you can’t see any photos of any of the rooms inside. Only tiny photos of the outside and weirdly-close photos of interior features.

My favorite bit from the listing description?

Many features from years of old still remain in place.

That is the nicest way I have ever heard an agent say “needs a ton of updates.”

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  1. For $60,000, you get what you pay for. This is the big house in the neighborhood with the smaller houses going for maybe twice this.

    Street view shows window units upstairs as well as plastic behind the windows in the cupola over the entryway (which is a point of maintenance that exceeds it’s aesthetic value IMO). It definitely needs a new air system. It probably needs several new windows. That’s probably just part of what it needs to make it efficient to cool and heat.

    I’m sure it needs reno inside. The outside doesn’t look too bad for the most part.

    But those two acres had me wondering. A look around the property from the various street views show that it’s probably mostly a flood plain that is overgrown and eaten up with kudzu. That parcel needs some serious work and it probably won’t be worth it if it floods on a heavy rain.


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