4 Comments on "A Nature Lover’s Trifecta"

  1. I love that it has no window covers. Nice house!

  2. @Colleen: I suspect you’re an early riser… ;)

    Besides keeping out morning light, window covers help control heat gain/loss. I’d bet it’s much more expensive to heat and cool this house because there aren’t any. Sometimes, with the proper use of orientation and overhangs, no window covers are great. But here…

    There are multiple marinas up and down the shore. That means lots of folks on boats who (should) have binoculars. Also, there’s a Naval Research Lab branch about a mile and a half to the north which interacts with another site 8 miles across the water, one set amongst a ton of hotels and lots more marinas.

    So this isn’t as isolated as it looks. I would say the lack of curtains/blinds meant the owners had taken them when they moved out, but who takes curtains while leaving behind tons of books?

  3. It kind of has that bare industrial lodge look to it. I don’t mind laminate flooring, but in a million-dollar home? It kind of makes all the wood look cheap and overdone. As to which, either it or the veneer cabinets in the kitchen have to change. Something about the stairway seems interesting but not desirable. It’s like it’s a deck that wants to be a house when it grows up.

    One other thing, unless it’s got a downdraft device or something, I want some kind of a hood over that stove.

    I love the round common area.

    The master bedroom definitely needs something for privacy on those windows.

  4. @Frodo: “It’s like it’s a deck that wants to be a house when it grows up.” – LOL!!!

    There was a bit too much wood and wood-tones for me, too, though I figured it could be ameliorated to a degree with better decor and, of course, window coverings. But are you saying what looks like wood flooring is actually laminate? As in engineered wood-containing material? Or as in just-pretending-to-be-wood?

    As for the range top, I know that Jenn-Air, for one, does offer downdraft devices for their models. I can’t imagine that set-up would pass safety inspection without it, given the lack of hood.

    The round common room is nice, but I want the screen porch. It’s not at all fancy, but that just goes to show how desperate I am to have a screen porch. :D


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