Let’s Play Find the Furniture!

77 Corey Ln., Milton, MA 02186

Can you find the furniture?

77 Corey Ln., Milton, MA 02186

This elusive species has evolved to blend in with its habitat.

77 Corey Ln., Milton, MA 02186

Note how well each of the individual pieces disguises itself to match its surroundings.

77 Corey Ln., Milton, MA 02186

Still wary of potential predators as they arrive at the watering hole for a drink, these specimens utilize their expert camouflage to become virtually invisible.

Found by: Christin C.

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3 Comments on "Let’s Play Find the Furniture!"

  1. This is a really nice house. Note I said “house,” not “home.” I did that because whoever chose the decor needs to be taken out and shot, and whoever was complicit by obtaining and installing the decor needs to 1) have their credentials revoked (if they had any) and 2) be banished to the wilderness.

    This sort of cultural atrocity cannot be allowed to stand unopposed!! Worse yet, the owners have betrayed their own kind by failing – or refusing – to recognize that preppy clothing stylings do NOT translate to interior decor. Where did they even find most of this stuff? Who knew one could purchase wallpaper like that in Pic 14? Or carpeting with a combo argyle AND maritime scene pattern as in Pic 10? Either would have been bad enough on its own.

    Unless I miss my guess, it looks like Muffy and Kip won’t be summering in the Hamptons this year (or any other). No doubt their peers will cull the herd a bit by excluding them from the seasonal migration. Chances are, as they lag behind, alone and confused, they’ll succumb to interior design commandos sent in to disarm and dispose of the toxic surroundings. Either that or McDonald’s will buy them out, bulldoze, and set up a somewhat more agreeable replacement. And if we’re lucky, Muffy and Kip will be spirited away to be reprogrammed, leaving their demented cult lifestyle far behind. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll be able to contribute to society some day.

  2. @Emerald63: That last paragraph was classic! I’m bookmarking this so if I ever have a bad day, I know where to come for a good belly laugh.

  3. @Frodo: Well, you certainly made my day by saying so, Frodo. A thousand blessings upon you! :D


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