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2 Comments on "Merry Christmas Goose"

  1. And to all, a good night. Thanks! :D

  2. Sorry I was away. I hope your “night” was indeed a good one, Anodean and that all of our Looney family had a great holiday. :)

    Getting back to business, I have to wonder what’s causing the move for a seller who “put his heart and soul” into a house he “custom built from the ground up” a mere decade ago. I hope it isn’t related to the lister’s silly comment that the place “still feels like new,” like perhaps the seller decided it wasn’t new enough. With that sort of money, investment, and dream home status (and the staff paid to maintain it) I wouldn’t expect it to not look like new.

    New enough or not, the place has a totally generic feel to it, both in permanent interiors and decor. There’s pretty much no personality here and with such an outlay of funds that is truly sad.

    I’m stumped by the relatively small kitchen, given the overall square footage tops 4200 sq ft. I can feel bruises forming just looking at the tight spacing between the hard granite corners of the island and the cabinet front opposite. With so much money to spend, why not round those things off?

    The one spot I personally would love to see brought to life is the back wall of the shower stall in Pic 21. The inlaid “frame” in the tile work just screams to be surrounding a tile mosaic. Just one of many missed opportunities. Not that I wouldn’t accept the challenge to alter that status…. ;)


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