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  1. On the one hand, it’s interesting. On the other, it’s like living in a giant refrigerator.

    Oh look, and they even have an industrial Big Ass Fan. That’s something I’ve always wanted in my home… not.

  2. Yeesh. Looks like a variation on the shipping container conversion projects. Someone displayed one in NYC last year that unfolded itself using major hydraulics – don’t be inside on moving day, kids – with molded surfaces reminiscent of this that went all 3-D jigsaw-puzzle together in there.

    I guess there is some charm to perfecting rooms like this that could be hauled in and set up… if they didn’t all just happen also to require an enormous, climate controlled warehouse with major plumbing and wiring infrastructure.

    Well, shouldn’t mock the initial efforts – try, try again, guys! It’s the only way we obtain progress, after all. :D

  3. With a space like the, a Small Ass Fan just wouldn’t cut it.

  4. Wait… this much space, this nicely done, in the heart of downtown SanFran and it’s *only* $3M? What gives? Well, other than it probably standing on fake, er, um, “reclaimed” land. I personally wouldn’t want to spend time in a large span masonry building in Earthquake Central, but it’s still a damn good price.

    I guess I’m the odd one out this time – I like it. Sure, the pods are a bit sterile, but they’re nicely offset by a surprisingly visually warm warehouse interior, despite the concrete walls and floors. The decor is an excellent blend of color, texture, pattern, density, and scale for this space. The wooden beams also help keep just the space, let alone the space-age pods, from making the place seem cold.

    I have only a couple of complaints. First, someone didn’t do a very good job of placing electrical outlets on the floor. In several shots you can see power cords trailing across several feet. Not only unattractive, also dangerous. Second, can someone please go up to the roof terrace and properly install the astro-turf?! Its present condition is completely incongruous with the rest of the home!

    Besides the waiting-for-the-Big-One-to-hit sensation, I’m also not sure how I’d do with so few windows. And the ones there are mostly of frosted glass. Perhaps the large spaces would help with that. Although I’m not sure anything could help with tamping down the memories of the 1978 “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” being set in… San Francisco…….

  5. I forgot to ask, does anyone have a guess about the steel chain stretched over the outside of the skylights? I would have put it inside, to catch falling shards during an earthquake or hailstorm. I suppose being on the exterior keeps any errant nearby construction items from raining down? But the nearest construction doesn’t look like that would be possible. So… anyone have a guess?

  6. @Emerald63: I thought it might be for security at first. Look at the security measures on the street. Yeah, there’s crime here. But then I thought of people walking around on the roof. One trip on the loose astroturf and you land on the floor two stories down. My guess is safety.

  7. @Emerald63: Good observation about the windows. I think they have windows wherever they can put them, including the roof. But I’m a country boy and this cityscape is far from picturesque IMHO. Better to have a haven from the surroundings than invite them in. There’s enough concrete inside.

  8. I saw pods almost like these at my local pet store. They had sliding glass front panels, and were housing geckos, scorpions, and tarantulas. I will have to pass–I would always be waiting, like that sad little cricket in the corner, for the larger inhabitant to manifest itself.


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