“Do what you want when you want it.”

2431 Periwinkle Way, Sanibel, FL 33957

You’re looking at the one and only listing photo on a $1.8 million FSBO listing on SW Florida’s Sanibel Island.

Based on Google Street View, real life is somewhat less colorful:

2431 Periwinkle Way, Sanibel, FL 33957

From the listing description:

Corner location with BEST VISIBILITY & HIGH traffic volume. On Periwinkle Way bike path, over 20k cars tourist pass this property every day. Approved for most retail use, including bank, beer wine, retail, food store. Take out and food most possible!

Thousands of tourists pass this location on the MAIN DRAG of Sanibel Island. Perfect location for your business! Also has two residential units on this property. Do what you want when you want it in Southwest Florida’s number one tourist destination beach island town… on the only commercial property for sale with grandfathered mixed usege.

Love that mixed usege.

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3 Comments on "“Do what you want when you want it.”"

  1. Bank?

    It looks like a preschool for future mechanics.

  2. Definitely on the low-rent end of things when compared to all the nice development on the island, which is all along the coast, while this portion is smack as smack can get in the interior. It may be on the “main drag,” but that might not make it a prime location. Given the neighbors – mostly other small souvenir shops and a few local eateries – I doubt the location will attract a lucrative amount of business. Still, if you fancy the idea of having your own “little place” and don’t mind it being in the midst of numerous other “little places,” and with living space to boot, then it might be a nice set-up. If you can afford the price tag, that is.

    As for the street view not being “as colorful” as the listing image – time to turn up the color saturation and start snapping pictures!

  3. Cute little smack on Sanibel sold for a million…that mixed usage makes all the difference for a mom and pop work live investment.


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