Watch Me Wash

4809 Neyrey Dr., Metairie, LA 70002

What? She’s just wants to make sure potential buyers know that the kitchen is functional.

4809 Neyrey Dr., Metairie, LA 70002

And, um… the bed, I guess.

Found by: Michelle

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3 Comments on "Watch Me Wash"

  1. Good freaking grief.

  2. CGI meets 3D printing – unlike the dream figures in “Rear-view Rendering,” this house-lady is substantial enough to do your dishes and, um, make the beds for you.

    At first, I feared that if sellers were just going to throw this sort of amenity in for free, then my dream of care-taking some quietly palatial digs was at an end – but then I realized they’d still need someone to order the phantasms around. I can do that.

  3. Not just an interesting choice for advertising the place, but the place itself is an interesting choice. There is nothing else like it anywhere nearby. And cramming it into a tiny wedge lot in a cul-de-sac doesn’t help with the stylistic clash.

    Then there’s the bit about the strangely bland yet green views… until you hit google maps and street view. That thar is the land side of a heap ol’ big levee, a sea wall, if you will, without the sea. So you’ve got the Mississippi to your south and the not-sea but oh-so-affected-by storm surge Pontchartrain to the north… just over the levee. I’ve heard New Orleans is humid, but there’s humid and then there’s humid. (O_o)


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