Fill In The (Many) Blanks

1040 Biscayne Blvd #1408, Miami, FL 33132

You’re going to have to use your imagination on this one, since this is the only photo that the listing agent felt like including.

The really weird part, aside from way too much green and the overall clutter, is that the glass box on the left appears to be the shower. Right off the living room. This seems to be confirmed in photos of other units currently for sale in the same building.


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  1. The architect is a bit voyeuristic, I think. That’s so that while you take your shower you can have a great view of all the peeping Toms – not only from the room, but also those with telescopes trained on you from nearby buildings.

  2. I wonder if all the units include a stripper pole as per the pics of #3406?

    Considering the voyeuristic/exhibitionist overtones, we should just be glad the photographer, who’s reflected in the mirror, is clothed.

  3. When I looked at some of the other listings, at first I wondered about the errors…”stainless-steal appliances” could be a simple typo, or it could be an attempt by the agent to allude to the excellent price. Then I noticed that a comparable listing has “two bedrooms and a dent.”


    The dent in *this* listing appears to be that the condo is one big room, with only the shower separating the bathroom from the rest of the living space. Perhaps the subtle message is “This is a one-bedroom home you are *buying*. Face it, you won’t have to worry about having someone else in your condo when you are in the shower/bathroom.”

    Or am I reading a bit too much into that home layout?

  4. It wasn’t till I looked at the link for #4008 that I could bring myself to believe that the visible shower stall was really, well… visible. Yikes! That is either very weird or a very low rent way to address a design issue in a very high rent (sorry, high HOA dues) building. I did notice in some of the photos there seems to be a bit of soffit overhang along one side of the shower that provides a place to erect rod or tension pole from which to hang a privacy curtain. Thankfully….

    Seems like this place has an awful lot of nice communal amenities, which is good, because there’s naught available room for any in the inky dinky units. Great view, so at least you don’t become claustrophobic, but what’s the point of paying that much for a great view if there’s no there there?

    Thanks for the highlight on the stripper pole, Steve. I hadn’t noticed that. And yes… that is really, really weird, no matter what it’s *supposed* to be for. (O_o)

  5. @JMixx: Hey JMixx! I had the same thought, that these units are probably for wealthy single folks, ones who don’t spend much time at home but don’t want to feel as cramped as they should when there. I’m still thinking it’d be a really good idea to make sure your party guests don’t show up early.

    “Dent” ~snerk~ indeed. Perhaps that’s their term for a guest room? Oh, and “stainless-steal” means they 100% got away with it, so no worries about the court appointed repo guys showing up. Now I’m wondering if the “procurement” firm is called Teflon Toughs…


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