Pour Out The Sinks

3108 Dupont Ave N., Minneapolis, MN 55411

Sometimes I wonder when I find sideways photos like this if they’re just trying to make it harder to notice how terrible the house is.

3108 Dupont Ave N., Minneapolis, MN 55411

I mean, this place was so bad, the previous resident abandoned their wheelchair to escape it!

3108 Dupont Ave N., Minneapolis, MN 55411

Probably the unrotated photos are just due to listing agent incompetency though.

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2 Comments on "Pour Out The Sinks"

  1. “Copper has been removed, water is shut off and some has been removed.”

    Sooo… what’s left? Oh, right. “Newer roof and newer garage.”

    I mean, who needs water? At least you have somewhere to park your car.

  2. I wanted to say something about how gross it is on first glance. However, it’s not that bad. For a 2 bed 1 bath anything over 850 sq feet is livable (bigger than my second apartment). At 1200 it’s actually plenty of space for 1-2 tidy people and a modest amount of stuff. Potentially even a couple in the main bedroom and a roommate or out of luck friend in the other bedroom (been there).
    Mostly it needs a little labor and love. If they sent all the junk inside to the dump stripped out the disgusting carpet and vinyl flooring, scrubbed and painted the walls, then went to goodwill/local charity/craigslist/habitat for humanity for new flooring and furniture they could make that place quite comfortable on probably less than $5000. Not counting the plumbing and house repairs.

    Even sideways and covered in filth I can tell that the base kitchen is better than the one in my first apartment.


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