Reluctant Resident

134 Evergreen Dr., Dover, DE 19901

Comment from the reader who submitted this one:

I think this may be the house from Goldilocks and the three bears because she was still sleeping in one of the beds when they snapped this photo.

134 Evergreen Dr., Dover, DE 19901

The rest of the place is rather oddly sparse compared to the occupied bedroom.

134 Evergreen Dr., Dover, DE 19901

Do the current residents just stand around and watch DVDs all day?

I’m so confused.

Found by: Emily

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2 Comments on "Reluctant Resident"

  1. Emerald63 | April 1, 2014 at 1:14 PM |

    From the listing:
    “In the past 5 years new hardwood floors have been installed…”
    Okaaay… Who puts in new hardwood floors some 60 years after a home is built? What state were the old floors in that necessitated this? Damaged state? Neglected state? Completely rotted out? All three?

    From the listing:
    “Needs a bit of elbow grease and updated maintenance. Home is in fair condition but needs some work…”
    Hmm… Code words for get out your checkbook and pain pills ’cause every waking moment of your life is about to be sucked up for who knows how long.

    From the listing:
    “Attorney Alexander Funk is guiding the process. Sold ‘AS-IS, Where-Is’.”
    Warning! Warning! Danger Will Robinson!! “AS-IS” (all caps) is nothing new, but “Where-Is”? Since this is not a mobile home, this sure sounds like “where is” has some serious issues. I don’t even want to begin to think about what they may be. And getting lawyers involved from the get go? Whoo Boy…

    I’m reminded of Warren Zevon’s song “Send Lawyers, Guns and Money” which closes with the line “the sh*t has hit the fan.” That looks to be almost literal (or close to) in Pics 12-14. Maybe not excrement, but that is either some serious grime or quite possibly black mold on the walls. And check out the dirt on the bottom corner of the washer in Pic 14. Looks like the furnace is spewing filth. Add duct-cleaning to (and replacement?) to the list…

    Despite the nice looking Pics 1-6 and the so-so Pics 7-11, I’m sticking with my original conclusion… “Run Away!!!” If you know what’s good for you, you won’t “always look on the bright side of life,” not in this case.

  2. @Emerald63: …as Emerald says, so many problems – but the issue that clearly broke the previous owner’s steely resolve was their unsuccessful campaign to make their twenty-something child leave home. “AS IS” – she’s your problem now, bunkie. Buyer beware, yadda yadda.


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