What How Does This Even Happen

North Street, Crowland, Peterborough

I… Um… What?

Not even going to ask what those things hanging on the wall on the left are.

North Street, Crowland, Peterborough

The listing agent’s remark that this home “is in need of major improvement” seems to be a bit of an understatement.

North Street, Crowland, Peterborough

A room with nothing but a disheveled bookcase in it? Nope, nothing creepy about that AT ALL.

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  1. Checking around the village where this house is, you can see moss and algae growing on a lot of stone walls and some roofs. The damp climate and cold surfaces seem to be a haven for the stuff. There’s obvious leaking issues in this house, but it must not have had anyone inside for some time for that sort of thing to happen on the kitchen floor. And for heaven’s sake, why hasn’t someone – like whoever took the picture – moved the only two decent looking pieces of furniture out from under the collapsed ceiling?! (Pic 13)

    BTW, the tools on the left wall of the opening photo are (from left) a pry bar, sheep shears, and what looks like a very delicate yoke, for what critters I don’t know. However, there’s an equally graceful looking horse collar to the right of Pic 12. Maybe they raised anorexic, reins-trained sheep in past generations?

    If the foundation or structural system isn’t compromised, the roof can be replaced and the rest cleaned up and refurbished. It does have a rather large yard for the area, enough to expand in if you wanted to have three functional bedrooms (rather than walk-in closets with beds). Or, remodeling to turn the back corner bedroom into a larger bathroom and more (*ahem* any) closet space could work, too. I do like that the British sites usually include floor plans. I still don’t understand, though, how anyone with as much money as they want for a house over there could find what’s available acceptable to live in, let alone pay for.

  2. The house isn’t too far from a creek/canal and there was serious flooding all over the UK last year. I don’t remember if the Peterborough area was hit, but perhaps that explains a bit of the water damage in the utility room?

  3. @MsWildhack: It couldn’t have helped, though the serious ceiling damage and water stains on the walls suggest there was also water coming in through the roof. Together with the possible flooding, it sounds like a double whammy.

  4. Well, if the roof was leaky, the torrential rains that caused the flooding probably did some of that damage. Yep. Double whammy.


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