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  1. It’s a splash of bright pink and zebra print in the middle of a big earth-tone monster.

    And with all the class that this place has otherwise, in the ornate office with a chandelier in photo 11, could they not find a prettier way to run the computer wires? And what’s the shovel for? You’re selling a $3.4M home and have professional photos of the place. Hide the extraneous things.

  2. @Frodo: You beat me to a lot of the comments for this one. “Big earth-tone monster”… yup, got that right. Some of the spaces are nice (Pics 13, 18), but how does one manage to so underplay such “gimmes” that you end up in blandville? That takes an awful lot of (not) doing.

    The stunning library/office (Pic 11) is indeed an exeption, but for the love of God how do moneyed folk not know about cord-keepers? Hey, some are even velvet covered! The other delight is the HI THERE!!! brilliant pink and zebra stripe bedroom. I wonder how its inhabitant lives with people able to accept so much bland in the rest of the house. How could any person a sense of individuality not succumb to homicide and/or suicide in such artistically dire circumstances?

    The pool area is nice but modest for a $3.4M. The “cabana” is also nice, but some mature trees would be welcome. However, my biggest complaint is that yet another developer/builder got it into his/her head that s/he has Clue One what a “castle” is supposed to look like. I swear, someone should develop a style test, with only those who pass it being allowed to even attempt the “castle look.” The world would be a better place for it.


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