Beach Sounds Cassette Tape Not Included

5551 Perdemco Ave SE, Port Orchard, WA 98367

This $1.2 million home is located in Port Orchard, which is just east of Seattle. Apparently it’s a location that doesn’t get quite enough sun for the seller of this home.

5551 Perdemco Ave SE, Port Orchard, WA 98367

There’s some… interesting furniture choices here, too.

5551 Perdemco Ave SE, Port Orchard, WA 98367

Hand chair and shoe chair don’t exactly look like the zenith of comfort.

5551 Perdemco Ave SE, Port Orchard, WA 98367

I’d be happy to take that Ms. Pac-Man arcade cabinet if they need to unload it when they sell the home.

Found by: Christin C.

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2 Comments on "Beach Sounds Cassette Tape Not Included"

  1. Not a bad place although there are some weird angles that create some awkward, if interesting, spaces. There are a lot of dead-end areas and the “chi” doesn’t seem to flow well here.

  2. Some aspects of the house are OK, but as Frodo said, nothing seems to flow well, and I don’t just mean traffic. For example, much of the furniture design is the standard 2010s showroom variety. There is nothing unique and nothing special. Further, there are some really odd, and strangely dead, color choices (Pics 5, 6, 11, 13, & 20) that contribute no individual personality. The limited bright colors in the shoe- and hand-chair rooms are much better, not necessarily for the particular colors but because at least they are actual colors. The navy-walled bedroom (Pic 14) might’ve done better with only one wall in such an intense shade, but it, too, is preferable to the slightly nauseating modern “neutrals” elsewhere. Only the rich burgundy of the billiards room (Pic 7) begins to address the human need to avoid the “no there there” effect. But even then, combined with the rust colored flooring and yet another intrusion of the anemic apple green, it’s nothing more than a beginning.

    I find two things in the master suite perplexing: 1) what is with the outsized armoire between the sinks in the bathroom (Pic 11)? What, are they storing a Macy’s Parade balloon in there? And what percentage of the population could even reach whatever was on the top shelf, let alone dust the top? Also, what a shame the lovely fireplace (Pic 10) has a stairwell/rail smack in front of it. About the only way to enjoy a fire is to walk past it.

    For my money, the best combo of texture, scale, material and color is in the bathroom in Pic 17. It’s just a nice balance, something I don’t feel anywhere else in this home. But I have to… hand it… to the kids with the special chairs. They, at least, seem to have some semblance of personality.


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