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  1. “What kind of listing agent…”? THE KIND WHO USES ALL CAPS IN THE DESCRIPTION? In other words, one who tries to pass off a cubic zirconia as a diamond, as in that’s a pitiful excuse for a walk-in-closet. But even if it happens in Vegas, it’s still not the real thing.

    The outside is nice enough (despite the hideous color), but inside is completely pedestrian; nothing stands out. I’m not talking about the decor (’cause, really, there’s not much to say), but about the interior itself. I can’t ever see doing much with it that could overcome the 1) blandness in most areas, and 2) the gauche nouveau riche tackiness in others. Maybe an interior design genius could make it pop, though it seems too big a job to bother with for the price.

    Another thing, for such a big place most of the rooms seem small, along with the microscopic back terrace, aka the ersatz backyard. Two rooms do look sizable, in Pics 25 and 30, the former a sleeping chamber and the latter likely the “in-law suite with wet bar.” Just a thought, but when your in-laws live with you, you’re the one who needs the wet bar, not them. Also, why give them the comfiest space in the house? If they really need to be appeased, don’t let them move in to begin with!

    With all this not going for it, I’m not surprised the listing butler wants to “shrink” into the background. If I were him, I’d call my agency and ask for reassignment. Landing this sort of gig is bad enough; landing it in Vegas is just embarrassing.

  2. The other funny thing about the bad photos is that they’re aggressively watermarked. Are you selling the house, or are you selling the photographs of the house??? Sheesh…

  3. @Emerald63: I was looking for the words to describe it and you nailed it, Emerald. I was struck at how much white-painted sheet rock it took to pass for $2M. In photo 10, you can see that there isn’t much depth to the house physically as well as stylistically. It’s all facade. You don’t need the drama of that two-story center section if you have some taste.

  4. @Frodo: Thanks Frodo. And… tell me about it! I couldn’t believe the height-to-width ratio of the 2-story living room. Not only is it goofy looking, it would make me feel totally claustrophobic, like being stuck at the bottom of a well. “It puts the lotion on its skin….”

  5. I had to look that quote up. It sounded like Gollum, but I don’t recall reading him say that. Silence of the Lambs, though. That’s appropriate.

  6. @Frodo: Gollum could use some lotion, though…..


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