MS Paint Your Dreams

12430 Jacobs Pond, San Antonio, TX 78253

Apparently Luxor Designs spent so much money on the… um… “design” of this home that they could only afford MS Paint to draw the rendering.

Here’s what the home looks like in reality, apparently.

12430 Jacobs Pond, San Antonio, TX 78253

I wonder how they’re going to magically get a 30-40 foot tall tree next to the completed house. Hmm…

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3 Comments on "MS Paint Your Dreams"

  1. From the listing: “The open concept design offers spacious living.” … They tell no lie, there. :D

  2. @anodean: Well, except for the 6′ privacy fence. Wouldn’t want all that nature seeping in, would we? ;)

  3. ERG…. flashbacks to a particularly bad incident in arch school…. Inspiration had kept its distance and when I presented what small amount of material I had – live and in public – all the critic did was stare for a moment or two and say – live and in public – “Well, there’s just not enough here to say anything. Next!” Being true made it no less difficult to endure.

    We didn’t even have the relative luxury of having a “listing” description to help out. Which leads me to this…

    So, are the bathroom counters cultured or vane? They can’t be both.


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