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  1. Did you receive the listing I sent you?

  2. Talk about there being no there there… Just wondering, do you suppose this was the last image found on Jimmy Hoffa’s camera?

    Thank the internet gods for Google street view, which clearly shows that “The whole neighborhood [that] is being developed with Million dollar homes” is/used to be a nice, well established moderate income community. Not uber-fancy, but definitely nowhere close to run down. But hey, who needs a middle class anyway?

    Don’t know about the swank-factor, though. The “Easy access to Seattle, Tukwila, Sammamish, Bellevue in 15 minutes” mentioned is due to being practically on top of an interchange of the 405. Neighbors a half block over have, just outside their back door, an enormous (maybe 20′ high) concrete wall meant to reduce highway noise. Then there’s the metro bus park-and-ride parking lot a couple of lots over from the listing and the three, count’em three, gas stations just around the corner. Ooh yeah… that’s where I want my million dollar home! Not.

  3. @Colleen: I did indeed! I’ll be trying my best to get caught up over the next few days!

  4. MsWildhack | April 4, 2015 at 7:00 PM |

    I realize that it’s been nearly 14 years since I moved away from Seattle, but when I think “million-dollar house”, Renton isn’t exactly my first choice. And $305,000 just for the lot? In Renton? No. Just no.


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