Sometimes it’s better to skip the Big Picture

For all intents and purposes, this house seems great. The front porch is fairly attractive.

3135 NE Brazee St,, Portland, OR 97212

The back porch is even better.

3135 NE Brazee St,, Portland, OR 97212

The open plan living room/kitchen/dining has great potential.

3135 NE Brazee St,, Portland, OR 97212

And the bathroom is fantastic.

3135 NE Brazee St,, Portland, OR 97212

If only you didn’t have to look at the outside to get to the inside…

3135 NE Brazee St,, Portland, OR 97212

According to the listing, it’s a “rare, beautiful new build… with all the attention and care given to match the neighborhood.” So, how does one do that when the final product doesn’t match any known style?

Found by: Emerald63

3 Comments on "Sometimes it’s better to skip the Big Picture"

  1. I have to say, it’s a nice house, except for the odd exterior and the price. I poked around on Redfin for a few minutes just now and found several homes with similar interiors, better exteriors, and more acreage for less money near this area.

  2. Emerald63 | May 14, 2015 at 3:48 PM |

    @Frodo: I found the inside pretty nice, too, which makes the outside all the more disappointing. About the only things inside I really objected to were 3 story layout, the unappealing carpet color (Pics 8 and 12), and the ugly columns in the basement (also in Pic 12) repeated from the exterior. I’ll grant the carpet color may only seem that bad due to lighting.

    I’m not surprised you could find something better, even with only a few minutes of looking. This thing is oversized for its lot, overproduced on the outside for what it is, and, consequently, overpriced.

    You know that day when I become God Queen Empress of the Universe? Yeah, that’s the day when basic concepts of quality design will become mandatory in schools and remedial classes will be made available (and strongly encouraged) for all adults. ‘Cause yeah… this thing is hideous.

  3. MsWildhack | May 16, 2015 at 7:24 PM |

    Well, even the interior isn’t to my taste, but if you could put the interior of this into the exterior of what was there before, you’d have something. Here’s the old listing that sold last year for $445K:


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