I Feel Cleaner Already

2619 SE 63rd Ave., Portland, OR 97206

What a bathroom.

But wait, there’s more! Wouldn’t you love to prepare your next dinner… here?

2619 SE 63rd Ave., Portland, OR 97206

Or lying down for a refreshing night’s sleep… here?

2619 SE 63rd Ave., Portland, OR 97206

Or… um… well okay I’m not really sure what you’d do in this room, even if it weren’t covered in filth.

2619 SE 63rd Ave., Portland, OR 97206

All this for only $300,000! What a steal!

Found by: Ben F.

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2 Comments on "I Feel Cleaner Already"

  1. Sheeeesh… Only 2 bedrooms, only *1* bath, not quite 1400 sq ft, *and* built in 1914… for $300K??? I’m thinking someone had to have tacked on an extra zero by mistake, ’cause this is way more like a $30,000 house if you ask me.

    Yup, it’s a housekeeping nightmare at the moment, but that’s easily fixable. And under all that junk the kitchen and bathroom cabinetry is really nice. Looks like maple, possibly even solid wood. (Hmm… I suppose that alone could explain the current price tag.) The downstairs rooms are a bit small, but a remodel of the living/kitchen/dining areas (which look like they’re laid out in that order) would open up the space a lot and likely increase efficiency as well. The upstairs bedroom has a bunch of neat angles going on, too. Hell, I even like the bathroom colors and patterns. Looks like recent retro additions, but still complementary to one another (even though Mr. Curtain Rod seems to have gone on a bender).

    The back storage area, aka enclosed sunless room, really needs help. If the framework could be kept and reworked, sides open and with a new sort of overhead cover, it might be a nice little space.

    But again… who’s crazy ass idea was it to price this at $300K?!

  2. I suspect this property has appreciated mightily because of location while some folks who are now done with it aged in place.

    If you have never heard the original “This Old House,” try this link – which contains a nice explanation of why it’s actually a happy song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WhLhF12TBE


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