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6 Comments on "DANGER: CLIFF AREA"

  1. Here ya go, Marty: http://instantrimshot.com/classic/?sound=rimshot

    It’s a good thing this place is in a stunning natural setting because the rest of it is a mongrel dog with both mange and fleas (and likely worms, as well). I don’t want to think about what they consider “newer” saunas. (O_o)

    I’m still shaking my head about the “buying price” PLUS “homeowners association fees”… You buy the place, but then you have to pay rent, too? Damn, I wish I had some bridges to sell… and charge rent on…….

  2. GRRR……!!!!!!! I posted a comment – where is it?! I learned long ago to always copy any post before hitting the button, so if I don’t see it here by later today (Tuesday) I can try again. I sure hope it’s only a delay and not a return to the bad old days of WordPress incompetence that we used to suffer at the old Lovely Listings site.

  3. @Emerald63: Looks like the system mistakenly flagged your first comment as spam. I pulled it out of the spam bin so it’s there now.

  4. Maybe if they had taken the pictures under snow cover, with plenty of ski paraphernalia scattered around… because as Emerald notes, you’d have to be nuts. :)

    Beside their other, myriad drawbacks, ski places always look twice the dumps they are in the off-season. Without the happy glow of ski-partying, the interiors are just dorms ground full of mud-slush and bashed to heck from equipment, and without the snow, the compounds are just barely graded (forget landscaping) wash-outs covered with litter…

  5. @Marty E.: Thanks Marty! I betcha it was that link I included. Too bad it thought that was spam because it’s one of my faves…. Ba dum DUM! :D

  6. @anodean: Daaahling… Why do you think I ski *only* at Gstsad?


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