Rotating is Hard

11733 Montana Ave. #103, Los Angeles, CA 90049

How does this even happen?

11733 Montana Ave. #103, Los Angeles, CA 90049

You really have to try to screw the photos up this bad.

11733 Montana Ave. #103, Los Angeles, CA 90049

I also quite enjoyed the original list price: $4,600,000.

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  1. Price like that can certainly stand you on your ear. :D

  2. Time to turn my head back to it’s usual upright position to type. This house was decorated by someone with a clue about what to do within a budget. I really like the white panels/tiles on the wall behind the bed. Unlike a lot of the mc.mansions that get listed this place is not too roomy. That kitchen is tiny and the dirty rug doesn’t help. Overall the house is about a meh and the cockeyed pictures are a riot.

  3. Erg… This is only about 1/4 – 1/2 mile from the condo where Nicole Brown Simpson was murdered….. and about a mile from O.J.’s old place……. (O_o)

    On the upside, there is a Whole Foods Market just around the corner. Although someone I know does refer to them as the Whole Paycheck Market.

    I’m really surprised at the seediness factor of this place (even w/o the goofy photos), given it’s in Brentwood. I thought that whole area was supposed to be pretty nice. (BTW, compared to my first kitchen, which I mentioned on the Get A Leg Up post, this one is ginormous.)

    I’m not totally familiar with how the Redfin real estate site is set up, but unless everything is posted by sellers (and not agents) there’s no excuse for those pics not having been fixed. Or for there only being *3* of them.

  4. It must be Peter Parker’s old place since it looks like he did the photography. Look! There’s Aunt May’s bedroom!

  5. @Frodo: For the win. :D

  6. Denita TwoDragons | February 19, 2013 at 3:47 PM |

    I didn’t know M.C. Escher got into real estate…


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