Behold My Sweet Ride

32013 Point Pl., Laguna Beach, CA 92651

I’ve always wanted a display case for my car. So my friends can lounge about in my… um… lobby(?) and behold my sweet ride.

32013 Point Pl., Laguna Beach, CA 92651

I’ve also always wanted to enjoy a beach view while rocking out on a weaving loom.

It’s perfect!

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4 Comments on "Behold My Sweet Ride"

  1. Denita TwoDragons | January 2, 2013 at 10:36 AM |

    The vanity on display! Oh sheesh. I can smell the burgeoning ego from here. Where’s Ferris Bueller when you need him…?

    Now that chair and the ocean-side view…? That I could do. Ohhhh yes, that I could do oh so very much. :-)

  2. Excepting said vanity display…

    WOWEE… what a stunner of a house! Those views! The sleek but definitely not sterile contemporary decor! The location! I swear I can smell the sea air and feel the gentle breeze just looking at the photos.

    My only “oh darn” moment was when I saw that daunting staircase down to the beach. C’mon, if you can afford a place like this you can afford some sort of conveyance to get you down there. What’s the point of a relaxing day on the sand or refreshing ocean swim if you have to shlep yourself up three flights just to grab a snack or use the bathroom? Oh the dreadful dilemmas the wealthy must face on a daily basis…

    BTW, depending on what sort of cars we’re talking, I’d be willing to discuss the artistic merit of displaying them. There are a few from times gone by that are classics of design.

  3. Well, I admit I haven’t clicked through to see the true spectacularity of the property…

    …but my initial reaction to the car in the display case was a flash-back to that Ray Stevens song with the guy at the Shriners’ Convention who’d got his Harley in his room and was revving it into the telephone…

    …and the chair, while fascinatingly beautiful, is obviously a trap.

  4. @anodean: From the description at the listing, it sounds like the “display case” is part of a hydraulic car lift used to get cars in and out of the subterranean(?) parking area. How James Bond is *that*?!

    As to “a trap” – you’ve been watching Snoopy special again, haven’t you Anodean? ;)


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