Beware of Squirrel

So… does the busy-tailed rodent come with the house, or do I have to pay extra?

Other apparently really important features of this home include:

Fish Tile

Forest Tile

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5 Comments on "Beware of Squirrel"

  1. By the good ship Birdy-bath
    It’s sweet trip up the garden path
    Where the fishy-tiles play
    In rooms that aren’t quite in the camera’s way

    Dum dumdee dum dum dum

  2. I live in Portland, and this place is right in line with the upside down economy in Portland: Lousy wages and extremely overpriced housing.

  3. Denita TwoDragons | August 29, 2012 at 2:52 PM |

    The forest tile is gorgeous! And Mister Squirrel’s romping grounds outside look fabulous too. I just wonder who was smoking what when they installed that fish tile. It’s like a pearl in a pig’s butt.

  4. Subliminality | August 29, 2012 at 5:59 PM |

    That squirrel is too darn cute! I really like the forest tile but the fish tile is…ick. Maybe it’s the colors around the tile more than the mosaic itself for me but the tile itself is kind of creepy!

  5. Argh… I just realized the M/W/F schedule here clashes with my Wednesdays. Appointments and errands are on Wednesdays. Guess I need to start finding enough content for Marty to publish every day, eh?

    This is a gorgeous house! Not so much the price… What I don’t get is where they’re hiding over 3000sq ft in what looks like a bungalow style place. But the interior decoration is to die for! I have two of the same glass display cases that are shown in the dining room, but with a single door each. I inherited them when my mom passed, but they’re still in storage until we have a decent home to put them in. (Like one that we own and isn’t falling down…) And that gold rimmed, footed bowl on the table… WOW.

    I agree, the forest tile is awesome. It could be recent. But if it’s older, from the time of the Arts & Crafts movement… It’s worth Big Buck$. I’ve seen similar stuff on Antiques Roadshow. The fish tile is sort of OK, but the colors are definitely a no go with its surroundings.

    Nice find, Marty!


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