You Can’t See Me!

11401 Norris Dr., Silver Spring, MD 20902

Hi there stranger! Come buy my house!

Okay, let’s go inside now!

11401 Norris Dr., Silver Spring, MD 20902

I’m just going to steal this guitar…

11401 Norris Dr., Silver Spring, MD 20902

Okay bye!

11401 Norris Dr., Silver Spring, MD 20902

You can’t see me!

Found by: Christin C.

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Marty E.
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2 Comments on "You Can’t See Me!"

  1. You don’t get much house/land for the money, although not a bad place otherwise, even if the cute kid doesn’t convey.

  2. Nice little house. Too bad it doesn’t have a nice little price tag to match. Almost $400K for only one bathroom and fewer than 1100sqft? Um, no. Further proof I will never live anywhere other than the Midwest and outside a major metro area. I want to actually get something for my dollar. Although… OK, this place does have one sweet yard.

    And it has other charms. Love the hardwood floors throughout, as well as the vintage kitchen sink and cabinets. However, the large checkerboard tile in that small room will have to go, as will the large-louver shutters in all the rooms. Either no shutters or something with much smaller, to-scale louvers.

    Also, why do they have the fridge smack in front of a nice window that would help open up the kitchen? Move it into the corner that’s right there for crying out loud. Then extend the lower cabinets under the window and, while you’re at it, make a corner cab to meet up with the stove. Corner cabs are excellent for including an enclosed lazy-susan, turning what is usually wasted space into tons of accessible storage. And in a kitchen that small, I’d also install a hood above the stove. There’s plenty of room and it would not only vent heat but help remove the smell of anything that burns.

    Nice sized (and clean!) basement and the second floor is great. Good thing the stairs are grandfathered in, as narrow as they are, but what’s at the other end is definitely worth the claustrophobic climb (especially if another bath is added up there).


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