Brighten Your Night

2358 Dolphin Ct., Las Vegas, NV 89074

Not the strangest, most offensive art we’ve seen in a home for sale, but also not the kind of thing I would choose to display prominently in a house I was trying to sell. I think this second photo has another dirty art piece, but it could just be my mind that’s dirty in this case. Judge for yourself:

2358 Dolphin Ct., Las Vegas, NV 89074

Comments from the submitter, Emerald63:

This place will brighten up your day… and your night… and possibly your afterlife.

2358 Dolphin Ct., Las Vegas, NV 89074

Indeed, that is a lot of bright colors.

2358 Dolphin Ct., Las Vegas, NV 89074

Must be a pretty popular place though, to need that many plush purple chairs around the dinner table!

Found by: Emerald63

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  1. Whoa… no takers on this one, even though there are some eye popping colors inside. Although… I seem to remember them being even more so when I first came across the listing. Marty, did the listing change its photos? Or had I sent photos from a different source to you? Or am I simply losing my mind?

    If the decor were switched out to something a bit more conventional, this would be a rather nice place. Pics 2 and 21 show the lovely exterior spaces. But when the place is owned by Cirque du Soleil in Vegas “conventional” ain’t gonna happen. From the listing:

    “…Be transported from a psychedelic ultra lounge experience to a tranquil zen like oasis… Welcome to the world of Cirque du Soleil, mystere o ka zumanity love believe elvis.”

    Yup… that’s Vegas.


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